As founder of both in 1997 and in 2001, Rob grew the companies to $430M in handle, 300,000+ users and 5500+ affiliates. Since selling the business in 2010, Rob now manages Peak Gaming Group which offers consulting services to both land based and online gaming companies across the globe.

I have been in the online gaming industry, particularly casino and poker, since 1997.  I had a two year plan and moved to the Caribbean in 1998 to run the business and anticipated on coming back to the US in 2000, but I kept telling myself... "I can run this business from anywhere, why not stay in the Caribbean Sun...?"  I stayed;)

Fast forward to 2006, the US passed a law (UIGEA), which makes it illegal for banks to transfer funds to off-shore gaming companies.  The company we were licensing the software from at the time was publicly traded (Cryptologic), and decided to pull out of the US market.

How it went down... I was stilling on the beach [Half Moon Bay in Antigua] on Sunday October 1, 2006 and I got a phone call from our account rep at Crypto and she told me, "As of noon on Tuesday [October 3] we will no longer accept play from people in the US..."  

Well 85% of our business just evaporated overnight. {Thanks George W.}  We then began to focus on the international markets, and with the good base of international players we'd built up over the years, we pressed on.

We (the family and I), stayed in Antigua through 2008, but with the company running on auto-pilot (thanks to a GREAT staff), and the lack of quality higher education for my children, we decided to come back to the other Island we lived on, Long Island.

I sold the company in 2010, so here I am, semi-retired, just living life and enjoying every minute of it.

What's Next: 

In a typical month I get approached three or four times with some "Amazing" business ventures in online gaming, but most of them are not worth my time, so I pass on them.

I do think perhaps the purpose of the next phase in my life is to use the real world experiences and successful business practices I've honed over the years to help others realize their dreams and desires.

It's not easy, but if done right it's incredibly rewarding both personally and financially.